My perspective

Daylight savings time

how I loathe thee March 13, 2022

Daylight savings time…

…how I loathe thee.

You feel like an archaic institution that has not yet been thrown out.

Can we get rid of you?  

Your presence means that I will wake up even more tired and grumpy than usual on a Monday morning.

From my perspective, you mess everything up.  You wreak havoc with my rising time. I must wake to darkness with no sun to shine to chase the sleep from my eyes.

Although it’s nice to have later light on the other end of the day, we were already making great progress in that area, why the need to expedite it even more?  It’s not like it is nice enough outside to start mowing the lawn or doing yard work at night yet.  That’s another month and a half away! 

Must you barge your way in like this?

Growing up I remember you, daylight savings time, falling on the last weekend of April.  Why is it now the 2nd weekend of March?

The result of you is a week of dragging, more than my usual tired self around.  You make my life feel off until I can get to the next weekend to find time to catch up, on all the sleep you made me lose.

The kids get out of whack, and the animals don’t understand why their schedule is off. And the reality is that when Monday morning comes I will feel like a freight train hit me.

Need I say more? How are you feeling this morning, daylight savings?

I reiterate: “Daylight savings time, I loathe thee.”

Go home, get rid of yourself, daylight savings time. We don’t want you any more.

Here’s to catching up this week my friends!  Run, Run, Run!

Yawningly yours,