Air Conditioning

July 14, 2024

To air condition or not to air condition?  That is the question. I have always been opposed to air conditioning.   I hate the sound.  I hate the filter system.  It gets moldy from moisture building up. Then people breathe it in, and they get sick, blah, blah, blah. I hate the cost of buying them and running them.   I hate how they can smell–goes back to the care…


Every Spring, I Think of This Poem

March 17, 2024

Every spring, I think of this poem. I go to my bookcase, pull out my book of Robert Frost poems, and turn to page 1: The Pasture. I go back to a simpler time, a clearer time. Clean and fresh, a bubbling spring brook. It’s like shedding the cloak of winter. I think of promise, freshness, and a new beginning. As we enter the week of the Spring…


Yikes! It’s Cold!

January 21, 2024

Yikes!  It’s cold! (Finally) Ooh, did I say that too loud? I hate the cold, but at the same time, we needed it here in the Northeast.  It was time for the ground to freeze, the ticks to die, and the ski slopes to fully open. And I have kept walking every day, working out, fiercely getting my work done, and eating things like mac and cheese, chocolate cake,…


It’s Polar Plunge Season, Finally

October 15, 2023

It’s polar plunge season, finally!  I never thought I would say this but I go in my pool every day–now that the water temperature is below 60 degrees! I am keeping it open until the very last hoorah, so I can polar plunge every day.   After that, it will be in the Battenkill–not quite so easy to get to.  Once a week, maybe with my plunger friends. Here’s…


I Love the Smell of Manure

September 24, 2023

I love the smell of manure. I don’t get to smell it every day like I used to. Friday, when I was walking to the post office, I was caught off guard a bit by the familiar smell that wafted into my nasal cavity.    It was like an old friend.  But where was it coming from?  It is not a typical smell in the village of Greenwich.  It…


It’s Fair Time

August 20, 2023

It’s time for the fair!  And getting Jacob George to Michigan State!  Once this hits your inbox, cows will be moving to the fairgrounds, the haylage will be judged, and the final load of laundry will be drying.  There will have been some tearful goodbyes, registration papers will have been checked, and the car will be packed and ready to head to East Lansing, Michigan.  Is it possible…


I Have a Royal Confession to Make

May 7, 2023

I have a royal confession to make.  I am a card-carrying royal watcher.  I receive notifications from People Magazine about the latest going’s on at the palace.  And I OWN IT!  (please don’t think me pathetic) This “interest” goes way back to when I was younger and visitted England.   I can’t help myself!  All those jewels, fineries, and stories, oh, the scandals! So, of course, I tuned in…


Here’s to the Support Staff

April 30, 2023

A farmer is not slow, lazy, or inconsiderate.    However, a farmer always thinks they can get one more thing done before they have to return to the house to clean up and go somewhere. Whether it be to a wedding or funeral, family gathering or church meeting… there is always one more thing to do before. But speaking as a support staff member, I know you better be ready,…


A “State Fair” on April 1st!

April 2, 2023

Happy Birthday, Grace and Scott! 16 and 54–2 very special people born on the same day, March 31st.   No better way to celebrate them than to do a party “Westover” style!  With a “State Fair” theme.  We walked the tightrope with the Flying Wallenda’s family, and learned how to judge pork, with an official Iowa State Fair pork judge. We ate Dick’s special corn dogs and the “Cilley-est” Big…


Livin’ Skinny

January 8, 2023

It feels like he just got home and is already returning to school.  Take good care of him this semester, Purdue!  We miss him when he leaves. I would love to say that the holidays treated us well this year, but the fact is that our family went from the flu to very bad colds over the course of the two weeks that encompassed Christmas and the new…