Daylight Savings Time

Feeling alive when the days get shorter

You have to keep fighting through it November 14, 2021

I choose to go to the mountain..even in the rain.

Equinox is my mountain for feeling alive when things get dark in the fall.

It seems to be where I go when I am working through some things and need to get charged back up.

 The trail that climbs to the top usually reflects the struggle that I might be fighting through inside. 

Steadily steep, there are no flat sections on the 3.2-mile hike.  At the top, there is no great big sprawling, rock top to take in the view.  In fact, the entire climb is rather lackluster. But still, I go.

There are always moments during the climb when I seriously consider turning back…which I don’t think about when I climb other mountains. Equinox is arduous.

During the long steep winding climb, I always stop.  I look up the trail.  I look down the trail.  I wipe the sweat from my brow as I huff and I puff and consider.  After a moment I intentionally decide to keep on trudging up.  Head down as I go, I know that it’s grit that gets me through.

And grit is just what it takes sometimes.

The stream bed that serves as the trail up near the top is a superhighway of cold, clear water, rushing down the mountain in the fall.

On a 42 degree day, it is cold, and up to my ankles, but I keep on going.  It actually feels good and with every slog through it, I feel lighter.

In the rain, I keep on going.

The trees get lower, and they start closing in on me.  Up I go.

Coldwater on my feet, sweating beneath my jacket, the dog pulls me on.

And we just keep climbing.

Alive.  It’s what I feel, it’s what I am. 

I choose the mountain. Equinox.

When the days get dark and short, I know, when I get to the top, all will come clear, within me.

With love,