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Reflecting on Livin’ Skinny… and the “Old” New  Year

What worked? December 3, 2023

If you recall, heading into the new year of 2023, I said I would live skinnier.

At face value, that would mean losing weight.  Given the timing, it’s a pretty typical New Year’s resolution.

It was part of it. Although I didn’t set out to lose weight, it was more to be mindful of what I was eating and stay vigilant, keeping track of where my weight was instead of being surprised when the pants started feeling too tight.

The other piece was to do things to support the routines of a more healthful life.  I continued to polar plunge regularly (as of this writing, my pool is still open), eat better, and stick to the daily exercise regimen of walking 5 miles and going to the Y.

Check the box, done.  Everything in that department is still working for me as of December 2.

But then, there was the larger part of my “skinny life,” which I am more proud of for implementing.  

It was about being more resourceful with what I had and not being stuck in always doing what was either part of the routine or spending because it was easier—lazy spending.

Buying because I need rather than want.

I bought a second drying rack at a yard sale for $10.  I spent more time hanging clothes but less time transferring clothes to the dryer.  The whole act was therapeutic, even though it cost me more time.  I liked hanging clothes on the drying rack.  It felt good to think that I was accomplishing something, wasn’t spending money on electricity, and sparing the wear and tear on my dryer.

I used a little less laundry detergent in the washer. This was something I had to be super mindful of.  I always think more is best.  Well, no.  More is most often wasteful!  My clothes came out just as clean 🙂  I did the same thing with the dishwasher soap, too.  No more pods, I returned to the liquid.  And I only used half of what the slot could handle instead of filling it to the brim.   The dishes still sparkled.

I cleaned and reused gallon plastic ziplock bags.  Why throw them away when all you have to do is give them a rinse, a quick once over with the soapy dishwater, and hang them to dry over the faucet at the end of the night?  It felt great to buy less.

We went back to turn off the lights, and I rode my bike more often to the post office and the Y.

I can’t think of one new article of clothing I bought.  I wore what was in my closet- plenty of new looks!

It felt really good, living skinny.  My New Year intentions were accomplished for the first time in all the years I have set them.

What made the difference? My actions to support my goal were doable every day, in little ways.  

2024 is right around the corner.  Let us set intentions that can be measured and supported daily.  No more wings and prayers, hoping that we “get there.”  The fact is, goals just don’t happen that way.  It takes effort, which is why they are goals.

All the little things add up to big things, and that takes mindfulness.

Go forth and think about your past year.  December is the month to evaluate and prepare to set your intentions for the coming year.

Here’s to the holidays!  And a month of introspection.  Make sure you take the time.

With love,