We all run for different reasons

Run run run

What are you running from? October 17, 2021

Running.  Seems like all I do these days is run.

Run to this, run to that.  Run here, run there.

You are probably thinking that this “running” struggle is about running after the kids and chasing all of the activities they have going on.  Or running after my work, trying to keep pace with so many moving parts.

Nope.  Wrong.  Those are the easy runs it seems.

My biggest running challenge is currently “running” from the bag of Halloween candy that is sitting in the office!

Yup, we go through this together every year, the attack of the Halloween candy!  My love/hate relationship is in full swing right now.  Are any of you with me??!!!

I have to beg, plead, borrow, even sell my soul to the devil to thwart it off; the big, beautiful bag of assorted mini chocolate bars that come out every October.  It’s a terrible thing.  Really it is.

I do things like say the bag of candy is for the team or the kids as a way of justifying.  Completely irrational.  Who am I kidding?  It’s for me!  Sick, absolutely sick, and sabotage to my health!

It’s hard to believe, but I did not have a bit of chocolate for 2 ½ months this past summer.  The gauntlet was thrown, by a friend, who needed support getting through a challenge in his life, so I took it.  It was a success, all the way around. 


Halloween season hit.  I have completely fallen off of the wagon, into a big old chocolate ditch by the side of the road.

Last Halloween season it was the plight of the candy corn…and the pizza that I made with it sprinkled on top.  This year, it’s just the big old jumbo bag of Milkduds, Almond Joys, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Pure sugar…I don’t think that there is a lick of real cocoa in that el-cheapo candy.

Starting today, I am going to focus my efforts on finer chocolates, which are made with real cocoa, and less sugar and corn syrup.  I wonder, will this stop the beast within me??

This beast.  An uncontrollable need to eat sweets.  It’s a wild tiger that unleashes itself steadily, through the workday, within me, until I can’t contain it! It has to come out and eat the chocolate.  Stephanie knows what I am talking about. LOL 😉  

Let’s just see how much cheap chocolate we can glom into our mouths in the shortest amount of time.  I am here to tell you…it’s a lot!

So, I am going to find finer chocolates that will satiate me but not cause me to go overboard in consumption.  At least that is my theory of finding balance in this relationship with chocolate and sugar.

Do you think it’s possible for me to figure this out?  I will try, and I will share with you if I happen to find the winning ticket.

There has got to be a way to lick this.  I don’t smoke, do drugs, or drink alcohol excessively.  I would not classify myself as having an addictive personality…BUT, this chocolate thing.  I am beginning to wonder…

If you don’t hear from me for a bit, it could be because I am rocking in a fetal position underneath my desk, as I once again, withdraw from the “chocolate” I have been consuming over the past week.  I know though, that once I get through it, I will be fine.  I was fine, this summer.  I just need to jump back on the wagon and see how the higher-end stuff works as I re-introduce it into my body.  🙂

Cheers to Halloween, and all of the candy that gets consumed.  This leap back up into the wagon seems nearly impossible.  Help me, please!

Consumingly yours,