Doing the Fair…Aunt Kate Style

September 7, 2021

It sneaks in every year, right after our own county fair in New York.  The Hopkinton State Fair—the fair where I grew up, every Labor Day weekend, in New Hampshire.   It is the backdrop of where I showed my cows, went to the tractor pulls and fell in love with all of my 4-H friends year after year. The reigns have been turned over to my nieces, nephews,…


Things Can Be Funny

May 23, 2021

Sometimes things are just funny … yet so telling in a truthful, honest way. Saturday, Stephanie and I attended the New Hampshire Maple annual meeting. Yes! It was our first event with people since the start of Covid, and it felt so nice and free! I enjoyed the connection with my home state. It was comfortable, and it felt eerily familiar, in a way that I couldn’t put…


Work Parties

March 21, 2021

Nothing like a good work party! My friend Kim celebrated a birthday this weekend, on the Equinox. Celebrating wasn’t about going out and having to worry about who was going to be the driver, going to a nice restaurant, or throwing a party with cake and balloons. Instead, celebrating was about work, Kim’s style.  Boiling sap, cutting and splitting wood, and fixing a water line at her farm.…