Coming Together

Work Parties

A nice way to help March 21, 2021

Nothing like a good work party!

My friend Kim celebrated a birthday this weekend, on the Equinox.

Celebrating wasn’t about going out and having to worry about who was going to be the driver, going to a nice restaurant, or throwing a party with cake and balloons.

Instead, celebrating was about work, Kim’s style.  Boiling sap, cutting and splitting wood, and fixing a water line at her farm.

Friends and family gathered, all bringing food and beverages, my son brought his chainsaw, and together, we all came with smiles and a willingness to get stuff done for the guest of honor.

Really … it’s the only way to make big strides in a short amount of time. Gather your friends and give them a project, and it will get done.

That’s how I got my camp stained last summer, I brought a group of friends to the camp for a long weekend, and we all grabbed a brush, stain rag, and went to town! Everyone was shocked at how fast it went — it’s a big sprawling 1920’s style camp. Trim and everything — it looks fabulous.  This summer, we are going to tackle screens.

Yesterday, we were able to accomplish in an afternoon what would have taken Kim weeks to do. Juggling her job, doing chores on her farm, finding people who she can pay, not to mention the cost, this can all be quite overwhelming. But many hands make light work!

How much fun it was to give of our time. We laughed and ate delicious food. I can’t imagine a better way to spend the Spring Equinox.

With the sun shining down upon us in the 50-degree air, it was heavenly, euphoric after a cold and gray winter.

Alongside the kids and my best friends, it was exactly 100% where I wanted to be, and we celebrated the birth of one of the hardest working people I know by getting it done for her!  

Happy Birthday Kim! Happy Spring! It’s finally here!!! And here’s to many more work parties!

With love,