Family Lifestyle

2021 Washington County Fair

August 30, 2021

And it’s a wrap! To be honest I have a love/hate relationship with the fair—as I am sure many mothers do.   We can’t help it.  The fair consumes our lives the week before, the week of, and the week after. When you break it down it is a week that goes like this: It’s dealing with very tired, dirty children for the 7-day duration, turning the show clothes…


Work Parties

March 21, 2021

Nothing like a good work party! My friend Kim celebrated a birthday this weekend, on the Equinox. Celebrating wasn’t about going out and having to worry about who was going to be the driver, going to a nice restaurant, or throwing a party with cake and balloons. Instead, celebrating was about work, Kim’s style.  Boiling sap, cutting and splitting wood, and fixing a water line at her farm.…


It’s a great day for football!

February 7, 2021

Today it’s all about football … and the donuts that I picked up at my favorite bakery this morning. Even though neither of the teams playing tonight is technically my team, there is a player that is still my QB. No matter what, I will follow TB12 until he retires! And, I will always find a good donut. 🙂 Cheers to Super Bowl Sunday!! I hope that you…