April 2021

The time to be happy is now. – from a little china plate


This little quote came to me when I was very young.  Mrs. Phares, the woman who used to watch us when my mother went back to work, gave my mother this quote on a little porcelain plate with a picture of a bluebird on it.  My mother has had it on her kitchen shelf that sits near the sink ever since.  We can see it easily and be reminded. It is special to me.  It represents Mrs. Phares, who taught me patience and to find beauty in the simple things.  I wish that I could talk to her now and tell her how much my time with her meant to me.  I could be a real stinker to her on some days.  This saying also reminds me that happiness is a choice, every day.  We never know what the next day will bring, so choose to be happy now.