Why We Get Out of Bed Every Morning

This is why March 1, 2020

I thought that this week I would follow my own advice, and do something with the information that I shared to all of my FFA friends last week.

You see, it’s not good enough to only watch an inspiring video.

It’s not good enough to only tell others about it.

It’s not good enough to only think about what you watched.

What is good enough, is to ACT upon it.  To take that inspiration and DO something with it is how progress is made and growth is attained.

So I did…you should too.

The Golden Circle of the Morning Ag Clips:

Why my team and I get up and work everyday: We are committed to making the attainment of trusted and accurate agricultural news quick and easy for those people who have busy lives and share the desire to stay up to date on current information.

How we do this:  Our team aggregates and compiles the latest articles from national and international agricultural news sources and sends them out in an easy to open package, every business day. 

What we have done:  Created the nation’s #1 source of daily agricultural news called the Morning Ag Clips.  Especially delivered to your inbox, daily. Don’t miss out…

Now, the real work begins: Communicating this consistently, to all of our current and future readers.  

First box, watched video. CHECK.

Second box, write out golden circle for our company, CHECK.

Third box, convey this to everyone outside of our organization, ASK ME IN A YEAR. 🙂

Have a great week!

With much love,


***For those of you who might have missed my column last week, I encourage you to watch this short Ted Talk to understand what this is about.  Here you go: