Up in the pasture ...

A late winter walk

Spring is coming February 20, 2022

This morning on my walk up to the pasture, I heard Spring.  Birds…

When I walked by the woods, I noticed the blue tubing was up — the sap lines were ready to receive and transport the sap run.

In the air, a hint: The very faint smell of earth, gently nudged at my nose on its way by.

It gave me an extra spring in my step and beat to my heart. It fed me hope; Spring is on the way.

The brook was still running swiftly from a mid-week melt, water bursting, spilling over along its banks.

I could feel mud moving under my boots as I moved quickly to avoid a cow plop in my path.

It took me back to an early spring day when the kids were young and they played by the edge of the farm brook, clearing it of the brush to help the water flow easier and more fully along its path.

The dead pasture grass was a bit crunchy underneath my boots, and I lifted my eyes just in time to see a deer scamper into the woods along the hedgerow.

The heavy cloak of winter will lift, and a new season will begin, as sure as every breath that we take.

This time of year it’s about hanging on to the little things that give us simple joy every day.

It’s about the brisk breeze lingering with the setting sun, being outside, and feeling alive.

To see the cycles of life, a springing heifer ready to calve.  A baby alpaca, finding its mother’s teat to nurse for the first time, wobbly knees and legs going every which way.

All is well in the world. We are coming out of dormancy. The days are getting longer, and the sun feels a bit warmer on my back… as I walk.

And I continue my trek along the pasture fence. Spring is in the wings, almost ready to come out into the light. My heart is full, and I walk along the beautiful farmland. And as the dog runs up ahead of me, I think to myself, yes, it’s the little things, that bring joy, as we await springtime.

With love,