A Neighbor’s Time of Need

Praying and counting our blessings May 3, 2018

Agriculture is built on the pillars of community.  

Strong families, long traditions, and helpful hands.

When something happens to one of “us,” it doesn’t take long for the news to be shared and the word to be spread that something isn’t right.  

A quietness seeps into our barns, blankets our fields, and holds heavy on our hearts.

The diagnosis gets made and whispers are heard across the county … mortality becomes real.  

And that structure, that temple, built by those strong families and long traditions rallies behind their own.

And together we hope. We support. We listen.

We bake. We lend a hand with chores. We raise money.

We hold onto each other, clinging to what we know.

And we pray.

We pray for the return of blue skies, sunshine, and a black bird chirping in the meadow.  

We pray for normalcy and the routine of doing our chores, baling our hay, and counting our blessings.

But, above all, we pray for comfort, love, and God’s helping hand in our neighbor’s time of need.

This past week, one of our own local dairy farmers was diagnosed with a brain tumor, with a very grave outlook attached.  

Together we are sad.

A Go-Fund Me Account has been set up to help this farm family continue their day-to-day life and routine on the farm, while they get through this difficult period of time.