What is yours?

A ticket to the fair

We need something August 28, 2022

Showing the cows, showing the pigs, showing the chickens.

It’s volunteering to scoop ice cream at the 4-H milkshake booth, presenting art projects, and baking cakes.

Bringing flower arrangements, quilts, and photography.

All of it is a reason to go.   A reason to be a part of something bigger. 

The county fair.

It’s hot, sweaty, wet, chilly, and usually topped off with a torrential downpour.

Blue ribbons, red ribbons, and an award to go to the state fair.

Lots of dust, cows to wash, and bedding to keep fresh.

Tractor pulls, Demolitions Derbys, and best dressed sheep shows.

It’s laughing.  It’s tearing up in the show ring. It’s a mess in the Showbox.

Eating funnel cakes, extra large mozzarella sticks, and cotton candy—all in the same afternoon!

Preparing barn dinners, sitting on hay bales, and riding a giant Ferris wheel.

Friendships that are rekindled once a year but span a lifetime, with specialness.

I don’t know what the madness is, but we keep returning.  Every year.

With a ticket…called a cow… the county fair.

Here’s to the 2022 Washington County (NY) Fair!

With love,