Perspective Travel

Dear Delta,

March 27, 2022

Dear Delta,

I just wanted to thank you for the mind-numbing experience you gave me during my flight last week.

How thankful I was that you placed screens on the back of every seat.

I was able to view 14 different things at once as I looked on either side and to the rows ahead of me.  Watching all of those different screens certainly helped to free my brain of all of its own thoughts as it was led into a coma of overload.  

During the flight I found myself bouncing between March Madness and word games to movies and a map coursing our plane’s location.  And let’s not even mention the people who had something going on their phones AND the screens you provided.  Wow!  It was absolutely amazing!! So much stuff to occupy me!

In fact, I got so occupied in the first 5 minutes of our trip that I didn’t even need the screens anymore because I started to get a headache and needed to rest my eyes for the duration.  To be honest, I felt a bit ungrateful, Delta.  You were so good at satiating me of screen desire, I didn’t need to partake in your generous service.  What a waste!

In a time when people are dealing with more and more anxiety and mental health issues, I couldn’t help but wonder if your offering might be helpful? Maybe a trip on Delta once a week or once a month, might cure ailments of the mind? This could possibly help quiet the ADD and anxiety issues, as people can search more voraciously for mental stimulation across multiple screens at the same time.

And I know Delta, as much as you do deserve all of the credit, that wouldn’t be fair now, would it?  Other airlines are jumping on this ever-so generous train too.  And car models have had multi-screen options for years. What will be next? 

But certainly, thank you for doing your part in feeding our need, as a society, to focus our minds on realities that are not our own—fueling human isolation and the false feelings of inadequacy. 

Delta, continue the good work.  Keep the screens coming.   


“Screen Overload”