college begins ...

Here comes fall!

Moving onto the fair August 23, 2021

The bandaid has been ripped off, the pain is gone!

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be beginning again…

Tyler Ziehm is off to Purdue and doing great, I am so happy that he is there.
And now, all of us can get back into life.  It seems to have been on pause all summer as we geared up for this big change.
But now, my focus turns to the big, end-of-summer event:  The FAIR!
It’s been 2 years!  Have we forgotten how to do it??
The kids are excited, and memories of all the work are quickly coming back to the parents.
It feels different, yet the same.   
We are still worried if the show whites fit and if the ordered ones will come in on time—luckily ours did, phew!
But we wore masks during the crop judging on Saturday–never even thought of that 2 years ago.
There are still last-minute printing jobs for the display.  Yes, I will be running to Staples in the morning.
But the dorms are not open for the kids to stay in this year–new health guidelines to be adhered to.
Rain is predicted, A LOT of it this week.
So I guess, Mother Nature still has her final say.  That’s not different.
The kids are already “discussing” who will wash the cows and who will be the runners back and forth to the barn with them.  Along with the ongoing dialogue about what time they will all get up in the morning to claim their piece of real estate on the wash rack.  That definitely does not feel different.
But there is hand sanitizer all over the place!
The stalls are bedded, waterers in place, show boxes restocked.
But our Tyler is not here—that is definitely different.
Car passes, people passes and jockeying for camper space.
Yup, that is the same!
We may feel a little rusty, but it is all coming back, with or without masks.
The fried food, tractor pull, and wary bodies will still be present.  And I am betting that the smiles will be the same too!
Here’s to Washington County Fair 2021!  Glad you are back!  🙂
With love,