Kate interviewed for Ag Law in the Field podcast

Kate talks with podcast host Tiffany Lashmet about "A not so fun topic" May 9, 2019

A couple of months ago I wrote an article about 3 women who farmed and were widows.  The message was not just in the story of these women but the importance of estate planning, and preparing for loss, financially.

This was a topic that definitely struck a chord with many of you as I got a lot of feedback, personally, after the article ran.  Here is the link in case you missed it:

One of the people that I heard from was Tiffany Lashmet, an Agricultural Law Specialist from Texas A & M.  She asked me to participate in a podcast to speak more about my conversation with these women and how important financial planning is to protect the farm and to protect your loved ones.

I thought that I would share the podcast with all of you.  Listening to it may give you more insight and drive home, (in case you haven’t done it already), how important it is to get a plan in place.

Here is the link:

Thank you Tiffany Lashmet from Texas A & M for inviting me onto your show.  Tiffany has some great stuff if ever you want to tune in and check out her other topics.  The link above will take you to her home page where you can browse.

And I will leave you with this:

Maybe today is the day you get the ball rolling and put your plan together.  Maybe today is the day that you think about it some more, mention it to your spouse one more time.  Just remember; this is not for you, it is for all of those that YOU love. Mine, are pictured above, and it gives me great piece of mind every night when I lay my head down on my pillow that I have a plan in place that will protect these 3 most precious boys financially in case something should happen to me…and there is great value in that.   Not just for me but for our family and all of the people who support us every day.

God Bless…and get it done.