To all of my Entrepreneers out there …

We all need a little nudge May 16, 2019

Dear Entrepreneur and “thinking about becoming” an Entrepreneur,

Hi. Nice to meet you.

My name is Kate, and since I was very little I have always had big dreams and big aspirations. Most of them have never come true and most of them never will… (sigh)

BUT… the handful that have worked out so far have been well worth the time, energy and thought that it took to attain them.  

(Have any of your dreams come true?)

It’s funny to think of the twists and turns life takes, to carry us to that place we feel in our hearts we can live our best life. And truthfully, I am constantly wondering if I am even close to it yet. I always feel like I can do better, there is way more that I want to do and be. I truly am a work-in-progress.

Like many of you, I have so much more that I want to do…and sometimes – maybe you feel this way too – when I am the one leading the mission in my work, it gets a little lonely…

I am blessed though…I have a team.

Through all of the ups and downs over the last 6 years I have brought together a team that is like an extension of myself and believes in the same mission that I do. It’s been critical.

So, my entrepreneur friend, where are you at in the business curve? Are you at the very head of the trail trying to decide if you are going to start the climb?

Maybe you have started the climb but are sitting by a stream, drinking in some cool water while you wait for more to happen? After all, right now, the water is crystal clear and plentiful, why not take advantage?

Probably a lot of you have had a nice steady climb and now are looking straight up the face of a cliff and wondering how the heck you are going to get up there?? You are thinking that maybe sitting at the base of the wall is a fine place to be…

And then there is the part of the trail that is hot, scorching the back of your neck as you climb a hefty grade. You were hoping there would be some breaks: a flat area for a bit, or a shelter from the high heat of midday. Your water bottle is dry and you are searching for anything, a puddle, a trickle, just to catch some relief from the staleness that has filled your mouth. It’s just plain awful right now and all you can do is just put one foot in front of the other. I am sure that one of you is at this place right now.  Sorry friend, let’s get you out of it.

How do you get through it? How do you figure out what is next for your business? Thoughts have crossed your mind, like can I go back to a job with benefits and just collect my paycheck every week? It would be a heck of a lot easier… But what about those dreams and aspirations? Entrepreneurial spirit?

So here are some good rules to follow when trying to attain the next bump for your business.

  1. Be clear in your vision and write it down.  Put it where you can see it, and your team can too! When the vision gets tweaked or you have a new vision, change it so that everyone can see it! This will remind you every day when you feel challenged about where you are going about the purpose of all this chaos is–you’ll be amazed at how things will come into focus again.
  2. Be Fearless. Always ask yourself, “What is the worst that can happen?” Once you put it into perspective you will find that your fears will kind of disappear. But they will creep in again. Be ready and prepared to beat them down. Music always helps me
  3. Crunch your numbers.And when they don’t work, crunch again. Find a different way, but don’t overlook details just to get the numbers you are looking for when going to the bank, when making a business decision.
  4. You gotta have a team.Surround yourself with people who positively have your back and share your vision. I am going to quote one of my core team members from a group text last night, “We can be the rocks because you dream big enough for all 3 of us.”  My gosh I love my team!

It’s being able to share the tasks that seem daunting, see the vision when your eyes are blurry, and pull the parachute when you are just about to hit the ground.

It’s overwhelming when you think about it…but that’s what we entrepreneurs thrive on…the unknown and the challenge.

The reason that I write this letter to all of you is that the Morning Ag Clips is getting ready to embark on yet another adventure—that you will soon be in the know about. We are in that waiting place, where all we can do is figure and refigure, remind and be reminded of the ultimate goal. (Be America’s #1 Daily Ag News Source! Kate, write a book?)

I too at times feel like I am staring up the side of a wall, wondering how the heck all of “this stuff” is going to get done to get that dream met!

(See? You are not alone.)

I write, I remind, because it helps me get through the waiting game, before the big leap, before the big climb.

I will leave you with this:  

When I was a little girl, I loved ballet and danced all the time.  Someone gave me this beautiful poster with a picture of a dancer on point. Against a totally black background there was a saying at the bottom. I often think of it when I feel as if I am drowning in all of my business thoughts:

“If you can imagine it, you can dream it.  If you can believe it, you can become it.”

So put on your hard hat and harnesses, check the parachute in your backpack, and jump!  

It’s that simple: JUMP. You got your team, you got your dream, you got your vision, leave the rest up to fate…and make it happen.

Good luck my friends, you can do this!

With love and lots of support always,