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Laughing in Church

Sometimes you just can't help yourself May 1, 2022

Dear Readers,

It’s been a busy week!  Lacrosse is in full swing, the leaves are about ready to burst out of their buds and I think, by the time you open this article on Monday morning, there will be lilacs ready to be picked.  I do love this time of year, it’s so fresh.

What I wanted to share this week, is just a little piece of a conversation that I had at a lacrosse game the other night.  I and my peeps were talking about fancy candy that you buy abroad.  The conversation brought me back to the white, hard-shelled, smooth peppermints that my Nan and Nana Deen always carried in their purses.  They came out, during desperate times. Specifically, church, when the little people were getting a little restless…and started to get the giggles.

Think about it.  Aren’t the best laughs, the ones that you can’t have?

Sitting quietly at church, listening to a really boring teacher…being told to settle down in the 4-H dorm…and not! Oh to be able to laugh out loud during those times and situations. What a laugh it would be!

Go find a reason to laugh today.  And if you are having trouble finding a reason, go sit in an empty church with your best cousin or sibling. If you sit there long enough I guarantee, the giggles will come. LOL!

With love,