Never too old..

You just gotta break out and have fun November 1, 2018

Since when did I get so short??   Look at these 2 trick-or-treaters, they are huge.  And one of them is mine—hmmm, plaid jacket maybe??

As I still am recovering from my sugar hangover I am thinking about trick-or-treating of years past.

There used to be more of an age limit when I was growing up, thank heavens that’s been lifted.  If I didn’t have so much fun visiting with parents and kids I would dress up and go out myself as an adult.

Years ago, in the town where my grandparents lived, trick-or-treating actually happened on what they called Gate Night, October 30th.

One Gate Night, we were eating dinner over at my grandparents with our cousins.   The parents told us that we couldn’t go out trick-or-treating because some of us were “too old” and others were going to be going on the actual day, Halloween.

I was 13 and my cousin was just 15 and we came up with a plan to sneak out of my grandparents house and go trick-or-treating.

You see, in my  grandparents basement, where we used to play hide and seek, there was a trunk, filled with old play costumes from the days when my grandmother used to direct the school  plays.  We always got a kick out of pawing through the old garb and knew, quite handedly, what our options were.

On this night, we figured that if we stuck the costumes in our clothes, yell to our parents as we were heading out the door that we were going out to play basketball, we would be able to sneak across the park and go grab a few houses before anyone would know.

It really was brilliant, and it worked…until our siblings smelled the chocolate on us.

Luckily, our folks had a good sense of humor so we didn’t take too much wrath.   We just had to share the rest of the loot with the other kids…

Oh what fun times..:-)

Here’s to Halloween’s of the past…and many more in the future.