NY Farm Show

February 24, 2017

It’s vacation week in New York!   And the annual New York Farm Show swung into action yesterday with a beautiful 65 degree day, in FEBRUARY!  We couldn’t believe it.

The kids and I went out, to see old friends, do a little business, and of course, see the BIG tractors.

With all boys, I learned quickly that nothing makes them happier than to see the latest, greatest, and biggest pieces of iron at any show.  What is it about that y chromosome that is pre-disposed to “Big Iron” phenomena?  This double X still scratches her head..

The best thing that we saw all day though, an automated cow scratching post…

“Cookie and Cowbell will take one of these Uncle Eric..”

And for Grampa, Tyler took a picture of this:

Have a great weekend, from 65 degree New York State!