Positive Thinking Day

Maybe something to think about? September 12, 2019

Today is Positive Thinking Day.

Yes, there seems to be a day for everything now.

I personally love National Donut Day, Chocolate Day, and Ice Cream Day … as I am always looking for an excuse to indulge.

But I even like the designated days that don’t revolve around food. Like a great quote, I use them as a gentle reminder.  

Positive Thinking Day. A reminder. Something to ponder.

First of all, I am going to let you in on a little secret.

(I don’t wake up feeling positive most mornings. Yes. MOST mornings.)

There is this 5-minute window of time that happens somewhere between the awareness of being awake and me getting myself out of bed where I feel down right grumbly and negative at pretty much anything that enters my mind. Isn’t that pathetic?!

Yes! It is! It’s downright embarrassing. With all of the blessings in my life, I have no reason to feel anything but positive when I wake up.  So why does this happen to me? Does it happen to you?

It’s not really until I have laid there in bed for 5 minutes or so grasping for good thoughts and reasons that I am finally able to get my act together and start being the happy and positive person that I really am.  

So why am I sharing this?

I am sharing this because positive thinking is a choice, every day. For all of us.   

My choice as I lay there in bed is to let the bad or the good into my brain. Sometimes it seems to be more of a wrestling match than others, but I assure you, one of them will always prevail.  

We humans have to thwart off all of those negative thoughts that come our way during the day so that the tiny little sunshiny voices can infiltrate into our minds, and bring the balance of good back into our orbit.  Let me tell you, some days it can be hard. Right?

The power of positive thinking is immeasurable though, that is proven. We just have to harness that power through more intentional daily practice.

I challenge you today to think about this as it pertains to you. Are your thoughts filled with the can’t, won’t, awful what-ifs every day? 

Is there an opportunity to find the highs in your circumstances rather than the lows?

I realize we are all dealt different cards and put into varying degrees of difficult situations every day but ask yourself when faced with these challenges if there is a silver lining that can be found? A good thought that can be brought to the surface?

Remember, it’s a choice. Whether you are like me and give yourself the pep talk in bed every morning or need to talk yourself through it during the day, you are the only one that holds that power to positively think. You.

So go forth my friends, and find the positivity in your day—at least on this National Day of Positive Thinking!  🙂

As always, I pray that you all stay well.  

With Love,