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The Routines of an Office Dog

..but somebody has to do it January 30, 2022

This week, Trixie helped me put together a video for the Morning Ag Clips.

She played with her toy squirrel in the office and tried fervently to work on a new trick with Margaret..but failed.  She got too anxious and started to bark.  Marg did not reward her sassy behavior.

It’s very hard being an office dog.  🙂 But so special to us!

She provides much-needed love…and daily therapy while we work.

The routines of an office dog…

Her day begins at 8 when the office door opens and she goes running down the stairs to greet the first person in.

She sniffs, she wiggles, she nudges… and gets good pets. And scratches.  

Therapy. For Stephanie.

She then runs upstairs to find her mother, who is found either laboriously working away on her laptop in the red room or getting herself ready for the day.  Trixie watches… and keeps company.

Therapy. For Mom.

Next, Trixie goes downstairs ahead of Mom and greets the rest of the bodies that have trickled in. She goes and lays down on her dog bed, next to Mom’s desk.  And snores.  Loud. Mom turns around, smiles, and says, “Who is the snooziest puppy?”

Therapy again. For Mom.

10 am. Office door opens. It’s Margaret (possibly her favorite). Marg gives her treats… yes, she REALLY does.  We must watch your waistline Trixie girl. (Marg, stop giving her treats every time she looks cute and does “down”.) Mom sees what goes on… everyone laughs with the silly talk back and forth between Marg, Mom, and Trixie. Trixie gives Mom the sappy eyes while Marg gives her pets.  

Therapy. For Margaret. For Mom. For everyone else in the office. It’s cute.

Trixie goes up to the top of the stairs, and persistently “speaks” and scratches at the door.  She wants to go out.  Mom gets up. Climbs the stairs for the tenth time and lets her out.

Therapy. For Mom’s legs.

5 minutes later. Scratch at the door. Trixie wants to come back in. Mom goes up the stairs and lets her in.

Therapy. For Mom’s legs, again.

Trixie goes down the stairs, nudges Elisa for a pet, and then goes and noses in Christa’s bag, looking for treats leftover from Max. She then wanders over and sits at Chandler’s feet. He pets her. What else is there to do?

Therapy again. For everyone.

We love our office dog.  She makes the office warm and welcoming, and a nice place to be.  We all look forward to her greeting, her nudging, her rollovers so that we can pet her belly.

Here’s to Trixie! She works so hard every day, to keep her people happy…and in therapy. 🙂

With love,

Kate, the office dog Mom