Understanding your team

What’s your view?

Understanding yourself September 18, 2022

I fly at 10,000 feet.

Where do you fly?

Do you like looking out over everything, soaring above the details? Or does your eye go to the weeds, staring every single one straight in the eye, like a crop duster?

I like to see far, into the distance, flying high above the clouds. Diving close to the earth makes me nervous; it’s not a natural place for me. I am always fearful of crashing at low altitudes.

The truth is, I often do.

Over the past nine months, I have had to fly uncomfortably low. It’s been challenging for me to navigate the day-to-day details and remember more minor things — that add up to big things. But when you are down a team member, you usually have to go up or down in elevation to accommodate the altitudes that need to be covered. For me, it has been going down to practically ground level. It’s such a stretch and scary for a 10,000-foot flyer. Thank you, team, for helping me navigate this.

As a result, my skills have sharpened a bit, flying so low, and it has opened my eyes to appreciate the details and what it takes to bring such “fine” items into focus.

It’s important to understand where you most comfortably cruise. It makes your life much easier and better for those around you. However, sometimes, we need to work out of our comfort zone. And in times like that, it takes teamwork and an appreciation for the characters in the mix to get it done without crashing into the ground.

It’s imperative to the big picture, the larger organization, to understand where everyone’s strengths lie and where they don’t — and to capitalize on these areas of strength.

All views are very important, and that is what makes a great team a great team. Having members fly comfortably at all altitudes is key to ensuring that all airspace is covered efficiently and effectively.

Take time to figure out where everyone fits in and where you fit in. No particular fly zone is more important than the other — it takes all of them. But it starts with you.

Your team members will know that when the ride gets bumpy and the fog rolls in, clouding the view, a different pilot will undoubtedly be able to help navigate the “bird” or the problem at hand.

It truly is awesome.

Our team is about to be whole again, with every airspace filled. I am so excited and am feeling a great sense of relief.

I am relieved to think that I will once again go back to my natural flying zone. I am relieved that I will have someone else to take over in a space that I openly admit is not comfortable for me.

Here’s to a smooth flight ahead, happy pilots, and the ability to look to the horizon and navigate this great bird we call business ownership!

With love,