I observe

Connection with Faith and Farming

Daily we practice January 23, 2023

If you farm, you have faith.

We have faith that the rain will spill over from the clouds when it’s dry.  And understand Mother Nature is on her time, not our time.


Farmers have faith that the baby calf is going to live.  Praying that the sparkle comes back to her eyes, her coat shines again, and she jumps up at feeding time.  

If the calf takes its last breath, we wipe a tear from our eye, look up to the sky, and give thanks… for being able to try.


When a farm family has a crisis, other farmers roll up their sleeves and join together to get the cows milked, farm animals fed, and chores completed. We believe with each other’s help, the crisis will pass, and the comfort of a farm’s routine will be restored.


We are thankful for the dew on summer mornings and the sparrows that dip in and out of the barn window.

When thunderclouds roll in, we bale a little faster, praying for more time.


My kids grow up and watch and feel the wonder of birth and the loss of death.  They plant seeds, cultivate the earth, and harvest the crop.  Every day.


For all of these reasons, we draw strength and belief. We pass this knowledge down to our children, as they participate, daily, in the cycle of life.

We teach them, to have faith.

The sun will rise again tomorrow morning, and it will shine down on all of us.

I have faith.

With love,