June 28, 2018

Do you have gremlins? I have gremlins.

They drive me batty at times … lurking in the dark corners of my computer and email accounts. They wait to pounce, sabotaging the very glue that holds me together every day — like my emails.

In particular sometimes my Morning Ag Clips!

Say what?!?!

So, this is a piece that I wanted to write to say there are ways to elude the gremlins that may attack you on occasion.

To be a good defensive player against the gremlins, you have to try to understand and look at it this way … all of the filters that our software and hardware come with are designed to keep everything out. The filters aren’t happy unless they have sent a boatload of emails bouncing back to their senders every day.

One way to ensure that your Morning Ag Clips reach your inbox every day and don’t get bounced to the curb is to make sure that we are “whitelisted” — within your email accounts and within your company’s or organization’s firewall. You may want to make sure is added there.

And, even then, sometimes it’s not enough, as updates are done to filters and firewalls. It is a constant battle with technology.  Always go back to those filters…was there an update that you missed?!??

Another consideration is that when you move jobs or change email accounts, please let us know that we need to delete the old email in our system and add the new one. We don’t want to keep sending Clips to an address where they won’t be read. Eventually old emails get shut down … and then what happens? We start the bouncing cycle again. The bouncing creates a domino effect of increasing our bounce rate, which decreases the amount of emails that filters will consider safe and allow through, and the bounce rate keeps climbing. It’s an ugly cycle, but trust me, we are on it every day. (sigh)

We are constantly cleaning up our database, but we could use your help. If your business or association changes domain names, it’s not enough to just have your Clips forwarded, eventually the same thing will happen. The old domain will get turned off, your Clips will stop coming, and we will get bounced. Help us with housekeeping, and it will all move more smoothly.

I hope, that after you read this, you do a little cleanup if necessary.  Let us know if we can help, we are always available…except for next week…I am leaving my editors at the helm for a bit while I take a few days off.  But I have utmost faith in them.  🙂

Enjoy the week of 4th of July–a celebration of our Independence!

Stay well and don’t let the gremlins get to you!