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Finding balance

It’s a Matter of Pride

Cleaning camp and driving Tractors to school June 11, 2023

Cleaning camp and driving tractors to school.

It’s that time of year, I’m spreading myself in between my home and my camp. Both are anxiously awaiting my planting of flowers, my cleaning up the deck furniture, my dusting away the cobwebs, that have collected all winter.

It’s hard. Sometimes I scratch my head and wonder, why do I do all of this? Run around like a crazy woman making sure that everything is just so.

There is a balance to be found.

You don’t want to drive yourself absolutely crazy. It’s important to sit down, have a cup of coffee, have a glass of lemonade, or just simply smell the roses and enjoy all of your hard work. But too much of that gets nothing accomplished, nothing to show for your time, and you know what the old adage says. “Idol hands are the devil’s workshop.”

I agree with all of it. But still…one can’t help but wonder, why?

Here’s why. When I took a picture of Jacob at the end of his last day of school, with the tractor that he drove to school that day, I saw pride.

The pride oozed out of him. Proud to be a part of his family farm and to be able to drive the farm tractor into the village. He was proud to show a piece of himself that is more than the school work, the sports, and the car that he drives to school every day.

I guess it’s no different than me. I get joy in planting flowers and watching them grow and am so very proud to show them off.

Just like a farmer knows all the hard work it takes to keep the farm going, and prospering, the machinery shiny and clean. The farm is a place and a culture to be proud of. I know the hard work it takes to keep it up. Something to be very proud of.

But as with anything, it’s about finding a balance. And if you are like me this time of year, you might be struggling a little bit to find the balance and keep everything going and thriving. I would hate to lose my pride in this area. I have a standard to uphold.

Well, I guess you have to stop and think about it. Look around you, and listen. Take it in stride, and recognize that not everything will get done. There will be a flower bed that needs tending to, just like there will always be a tractor that won’t get serviced for an extra week, or two. Take a breath.

It will all get done in due time.

Try to remember this: The things we tend to dwell on, are typically not given a second thought by almost everyone else. It’s just an added pressure that we put on ourselves.


It’s a beautiful thing that feeds us, and gets a ton done! Keep it in balance.

And make sure that whatever it is you are doing, makes you feel like the boy standing on his tractor. Joyfully proud.

Here’s to June! Graduations, gardens, and flowers that desperately want to get planted, watered, and enjoyed by all.

And to camps that are ready to be open for another joyous summer season.

With love,