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It’s Irrational… My Feelings for the Dog

They add so much to our lives July 30, 2023

The kids say I take more pictures of the dog than I do them.  It’s true.

I talk to her, and I find myself staring at her.

I hug her, I kiss her, I make over her constantly.  She absolutely is the object of my affection.

My dog. Trixie.

Do you know we have a joke in the office about the dog having seasonal depression??  I swear, whenever we get silly about this during our work day, Trixie takes it as her cue to give us a more pathetic version of her sappy dog eyes.  She milks it for all it’s worth and then longingly looks up at Margaret for a cookie..because, of course, she has seasonal depression…in July!!

She was the reason all three of my kids first fell in love.  I can go back to those pictures on that day they met her, and I can see it in their eyes, pure love.

She drives me batty when she barks at every dog that walks by—reminding others that she is the Queen of the Corner. 

I hate it when she does something really dumb by human standards but smart by dog standards—like get into the trash and eat a dozen cupcakes: wrappers and all. THEN proceeds to throw them all up. That was a fun night!

She was the reason that we completely missed my cousin’s wedding—I had to get her to the vet because she was really sick. Sorry, Zack…

Her favorite pass time in the summer is she loves to run through my mother’s flower gardens–and then I get the wrath.

She is my always-ready walking companion and the navigator of every trip I take back and forth to the lake.  And she swims every lap with me during the summer, between the two rafts.

She has comforted me on my dark days and reminds me that a good dog snuggle works wonders for a bad mood.

I remember when Sam was little when he frequently woke up hard and not right with the world.  I can’t tell you the number of times I suggested he go lay with the dog for a while–and miraculously, like a soothing balm, after 10 minutes with her, the morning time grumps were gone.  Thank you, Trix!

I call her “Naughty” more than by her given name, Trixie. And she still comes..for her sup sup!

She really isn’t that naughty.

And if I have said it once, I have said it 10,999 times…I love the dog!

And it’s just that simple..and irrational.

With love,