Time keeps moving

Help! I Need Glasses

I knew this was going to happen July 16, 2023

Finally, at the age of 48, I need to wear glasses for reading… and for looking at my phone and everything else I hold within my arm’s length.  And it stinks!

When did this happen?

It’s BEEN happening.  Just ask the kids.

The little stinkers laugh and look at each other every time I navigate on my phone, and I have to hold it away from my body.  My arms aren’t long enough anymore.  Apparently, my face becomes distorted, too, when I go to lengths to move my phone away from my face and try to focus.

Psst.  Time to get the readers, Mom.

The other night, I sat down to play the piano, and I couldn’t get the distance right to read my sheet music.  I think that was the final straw.  I realize how it is impacting the things that I like to do–and it’s making them miserably difficult.

I have been a closet glasses wearer for almost a year now.  Unfortunately, they are becoming a more regular “reach.”

I blamed their strategic, convenient locations in my house on my good friend Kim.  She was forever leaving her glasses here.  One day, I decided to keep them–for her future use, of course, when she was looking for her glasses when she stopped at my house.  

However, that handy pair that sits in the kitchen drawer that used to be hers,  I occasionally pull out to read recipes with, look at the shopping list, and use to sign the school papers that come from school.

The pair my mother left behind once snuck into the drawer beside my bed.  I pull them out on those nights when I grab a book to read with a small font.

I kidded myself for a year. Occasionally getting caught by one of the kids coming into the kitchen as I read a recipe with glasses on. 

My mother, recognizing my struggles, even bought me a package of readers for Christmas this year. Gee, thanks, Mum! Is it that obvious??

And now, as I look and see the wrinkles getting deeper and deeper in my face, I see that those lines follow the exact same paths as when I squint from trying to see.  

It’s time to stop squinting and time to start carrying the glasses everywhere I go–and USE THEM.

I have resigned myself that I will now, forever be hunting for my glasses. Petting down my pockets, forgetting they are on my head, and leaving them in my car, among various other places.  For someone who has never had to wear glasses, this will be quite a lifestyle change. 

 I hope I do this gracefully.

There is also my struggle with that car sick kind of feeling when I have reading glasses on, and I look up, and everything becomes blurry.  It messes with my head, and the queasy feeling comes over me.  It feels awful. 

I now appreciate my great aunt, Nana Deen, that much more.  She was always complaining about how terrible it was to age.  She kept moving and fighting, hoping it would evade her.

Well, Nana Deen, I am trying my best, but it keeps following me more closely.  I am desperately going to keep on running, trying to keep age at bay and maintain a good distance between us. But I don’t know; the glasses definitely bring it closer into my rearview mirror.

I feel 29–seriously, I do.  I am super active and feel like I have hit my stride. Is getting older really that bad?  

I guess only when you lose your glasses.  🙂 

Have a great week, everyone!  I hope it drys out up here in the northeast too!

With love,