Jacob is looking for colleges

November 6, 2022

It’s hard to believe, but this little cutie pie is going to college next year!  And we are out touring college campuses this week.

Purdue?  Michigan State?  We are on the hunt for a great Agri-Business or Farm Business Management curriculum that fits Jacob.

Aunt E is going to introduce us to her alma mater, Michigan State.  And of course, Purdue has the one and only, Tyler Ziehm. I personally love the idea of having them both at the same school. (Mom bias)

And we have officially begun the year of lasts. The tears bubble under the surface, in a bittersweet way. It’s exciting, it’s the end of a chapter, and beginning of another.

I have no doubt that all will be well. The kids are off and running, and I am madly chasing after them.

Here’s to a great Monday! Stay well my friends, get up and go blasting into your week to show that you own it!

With love,