Ode to the Hitachi

It's a Christmas tradition October 25, 2020

It’s official, despite the Covid factor there will be a Christmas this year.

How do I know this? The Outback Toy catalogue arrived in the mail this week, and the Ziehm men, big and small, and even the mother, flocked to check out the latest and greatest in farm toys.

Thank heavens is all I can say! 

It’s the little things, like the toy catalogue, that help to remind us that life is still marching on. Even though we are missing our school sports and coming to the realization that we won’t be spending the holidays with family members who live far away, there will still be celebrations and there will still be toy tractors. It’s a tradition.

Flipping through the pages brings back fond memories from toys of the past …

The Hitachi track excavator. Wow, now that was a coveted toy that both Tyler and Jacob loved. 

I can’t say that they used to fight over it, because they didn’t really. Big brother didn’t allow that to happen. Tyler just always made Jacob think that another job or another toy was perhaps more important than operating the Hitachi. It was quite a clever tactic, and we all chuckle thinking about those conversations between the two little boys in the sandbox. The conversation was so practical in its delivery. Tyler may have gotten the toy during their play together, but you can be sure while he was at nursery school, Jacob played with it constantly. 

The miles of holes that the old Hitachi dug would be daunting to try to figure out. Tile line, manure pits, trenches and holes … that toy did it all. I think that the Hitachi even saw the bathtub a couple of times.

It was well loved and worn, and both of the kids would do just about anything to have it in their possession today. None of us are quite sure what happened to the dear old toy. I think it got swallowed up in one of the holes that it dug while it began to sit more and more dormant as the years have passed. Through rain and snow, spring thaws and winter freezing, the Hitachi reigned over the sandbox … and my kids.

Thank you Outback Toys for bringing a sense of normalcy back into our life … and reminding us of fun memories and tradition.

Merry Christmas!

With Love,