The holidays have officially arrived

Thanksgiving 2020

Here we go! November 29, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020.  Bittersweet top to bottom.

It seems that the older I get the deeper my thoughts run.  Why are the tears always bubbling just under the surface? Even when I am so thoroughly happy.

Wednesday I felt a pang of homesickness as I thought about the fact that normally we would have been heading to New Hampshire that afternoon … but I got over it on the rainy hike in the woods Thanksgiving morning.  Minus losing Trixie for a little bit, it was a welcomed trek in the rain. I always say that doing things out in the elements reminds you that you are alive, and it feels so good just to get outside and move.

When we sat at the table this year it hit me that it might be the last Thanksgiving, for at least a few years, that we will be spending with Tyler.  Next fall he is off to college.  All of the schools on the list right now are too far away to zip home for a long Thanksgiving weekend.  Oh, how we are going to miss him.

It was a Thanksgiving of recognizing that family isn’t always about blood, it’s about water too. 🙂 We love our “family” in Greenwich.  They take good care of us, and we always have so much fun together!

Thanksgiving 2020 was about pumpkin pie made from our homegrown pumpkins, not the stuff found in a can at the grocery store.  And my, my, my … what a difference.  No contest, fresh pumpkin is the hands down winner, with homemade whipped cream to top it off.  Yum!!

And, how funny.  Mom is dressed in Carhartt bibs and a hat to go get the Christmas trees … Jacob is in shorts.  Is it possible for mother and son to have such different thermometers??

And two days after Thanksgiving, the workout crew decided to ditch the workout and go early morning coffee, fritter and a fire.  We promise Sofie, we will behave starting Monday. 😉

Here’s to a happy December. Be well my friends!  I am thankful for all of you …

With love,