Here’s to Mother’s Day!

May 9, 2021

Here’s to Mother’s Day!  I thought it would be nice to consider some of the most important lessons that my mother has taught me over my 46 years.  

Here you go, Mum!  This is just my shortlist.  😉 

The most important lessons I have learned from my mother:

  1. Never take “no” for an answer; just find another way.
  2. Ask questions, “Oh sir, sir…”  even if it does embarrass your three daughters!
  3. Change is good; it’s embraced here!
  4. Get to work!
  5. The importance of being a good listener.
  6. It’s okay to pay for an empty box of peeps at the checkout line.
  7. A smile goes a long way.
  8. Please and thank you for everything!
  9. Always leave your gas tank empty — right, dad?  LOL
  10. Strategy and patience
  11. Not to make your bad day everybody else’s problem.
  12. Plant flowers and you will be HAPPY.

But I have to say, probably the most valuable thing my mother has taught me over the years is that being a good parent is THE most crucial job in the world.  

You must show up every day and lead.  Lead, lead, and lead some more.  

My mother was always the mother duck, and my sisters and I were her three ducklings. We followed, because she led us.

To here.

Thank you Mum, I love you so much!

With love,

Your First Duckling