Family Travel

Time for a visit and food!

October 4, 2021

Time for a visit!  I could only stay away for so long before I had to check in with my Tyler, all the way out at Purdue. Just a quick trip, long enough to get a “Bug hug,” and find the best donut and burger in West Lafayette… I think that we hit the jackpot!! 🙂    A REALLY good burger we found–with peanut butter on top!  Who would…

Family Lifestyle

2021 Washington County Fair

August 30, 2021

And it’s a wrap! To be honest I have a love/hate relationship with the fair—as I am sure many mothers do.   We can’t help it.  The fair consumes our lives the week before, the week of, and the week after. When you break it down it is a week that goes like this: It’s dealing with very tired, dirty children for the 7-day duration, turning the show clothes…



August 9, 2021

Here we are, August 9, where is this summer going? As I get ready to head into the last week before Tyler goes to college, I reflect and I anxiously think. I have tears that are bubbling underneath the surface that I desperately want to hide but can’t seem to. So we cry and laugh in this family because we embrace those tears. We are a family of…



July 26, 2021

We have a problem in our family. Alcohol. We are no different than many other families. A few weeks ago, I lost a cousin because of it.  He was my age. I didn’t know him well, especially in his adult years.  I remember him as a child, playing together when he and his family came up from PA for a visit. More reserved and more cerebral, Seth was…



July 18, 2021

I feel a deep sense of pride when my children work and play with their father, uncle, grandfather, and each other at the farm. My heart fills up to the brim, on those days when I drop them off in the field to meet a truck, or pull up along side the bunk and watch them hop into the pack tractor.   It’s work, but it’s play. It all…


Dear Dad

July 9, 2021

Dear Dad, Thank you! Thank you for catching softball pitches after dinner and dancing in a ballet recital with me when I was 8. Thank you for moving me 4 times my first year out of college and rescuing me from a guard rail on one snowy night — you told me I shouldn’t go out. Thank you for buying me Toby and carting me back and forth…


A Family Tradition

May 31, 2021

For over 50 years, my family has been frequenting Back Lake in Pittsburg, New Hampshire.  Only miles shy of the Canadian border, it is our family tradition. It was my grandfather and his buddies who first started going up annually for a men’s fishing retreat. Over the years, it spilled into many separate annual outings that included their wives and children, their spouses, and close family friends.  My parents…


Here’s to Mother’s Day!

May 9, 2021

Here’s to Mother’s Day!  I thought it would be nice to consider some of the most important lessons that my mother has taught me over my 46 years.   Here you go, Mum!  This is just my shortlist.  😉  The most important lessons I have learned from my mother: Never take “no” for an answer; just find another way. Ask questions, “Oh sir, sir…”  even if it does embarrass…


And the decision is…

May 2, 2021

PURDUE!! Guess who will be attending Purdue in West Lafayette, Indiana this coming fall semester?  Tyler! What a tough decision he had, all great agricultural schools to choose from! It came down to the major.  He loved the look and feel of the Ag Systems Management program and I do believe that he is going to thrive there. There are 2 more Ziehms!  Where they will land, nobody…


Work Parties

March 21, 2021

Nothing like a good work party! My friend Kim celebrated a birthday this weekend, on the Equinox. Celebrating wasn’t about going out and having to worry about who was going to be the driver, going to a nice restaurant, or throwing a party with cake and balloons. Instead, celebrating was about work, Kim’s style.  Boiling sap, cutting and splitting wood, and fixing a water line at her farm.…